Travertine is a natural stone that are mined from many regions of the world, these stones are composed of a material called calcium carbonate that is produced from deposits built up over time. These beautiful rocks form in places such as hot springs and cave water sources. What makes Travertine stand out from other natural stone lies in the formation of the rock, the firmness of the stone and the appearance. Trapped carbon dioxide causes unusual characteristics in Travertine stone by carving craters within the stone, thus making each piece unique. Click here to learn more

Travertine tiles, moldings, counter-tops, slabs and pavers are some of the products our clients love. Find slabs or tiles in various finishes including honed,            tumbled or polished. For installing bathrooms, house floors, kitchen or fireplace, consider us your one stop shop where you can get a variety of items at prices that will not leave a dent into your pocket. Tell us what you want and we will implement even the finest of details.